Performance Arts

& FUN Fitness

Train. Play. Create!

Aerial Fitness is a serious sport! Intensive Strength Training!

Aerial Art is deeply enriching!

Come build strong bodies and strong friendships

in a safe & positive aerial learning


Adult Aerial Classes

Aerial is not just for kids!!

Adults need play-based workouts too! It's a sport. It's an art. It's like nothing else!

Aerial Fitness is a unique experience! Grab your friends and build flows and friendships together!

No matter where you are at with your strength right now - AerFire Aerial Instructors are Certified Personal Trainers & AerFire equipped to guide you through a FUN & SAFE aerial experience!

Bungee Fitness

Experience BUNGEE FITNESS!!!

Sharli and Paula met years ago when the BUNGEE craze first hit! Sharli is the BEST Bungee Instructor you'll ever meet!

Class sizes are kept small. Sharli crafts the work to each specific body. She cares about the little details that keep your joints safe and the BIG details like FUN!!!

If you get Big Sad about the fitness things you can't do now in adulthood, TRY BUNGEE!!!

On Bungee, YOU CAN!!!!!

Post Bungee Workout is a whole GLOW!!!

Yoga Hammock

The Ground Hammock is a fun way to build strength in a supported way, take care of our spine, and experience stretching in a whole new way!

Mat Fitness

Stability & Strength begin on the mat.

AerFire offers a variety of fitness classes to fit your needs for stability, strength, and recovery.

Ground Flow: Paula's mix of Pilates & Barre

Stretch & Flex: Allisen's expertise in mobility

Hoola Hoop: FUN & all the snazzy hoop tricks!

Body Restore: Joyce's restorative work.

Youth Aerial Classes

Youth Aerial Classes at AerFire are the culmination of Paula's education & experience in teaching children, music education, fitness knowledge, performance experience, and love for all children as a mother of four!

AerFire teaches children SAFE training principles for aerial and the playground.

AerFire's #1 goal for youth is to build confident & capable kids who have fun and build happy friendships!

AerFire gives children opportunity to perform in a zero-pressure atmosphere.

AerFire keeps an OPEN DOOR policy for parents. We are a community and appreciate your encouraging presence!

Wondering if AerFire has a place for you!?!

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Get in Touch

We are proud to be a woman-owned business in the Peoria Area. Please reach out with any questions. We are happy to help!


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